Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diversity Eastern Washington Style

If you have been following my blog you know I am writing about the Eastern Washington Etsy Team a group of very diverse artisans who sell their work online. There something for every taste in the items below.

First up is Connie (who I know as Sunfire) who has 2 shops, Breath of the Dragon and Turn Peace Around.  She is a Navy veteran who is currently attending college, online, to earn a degree in WEB design.  After trying different types of crafts she discovered wood burning and became hooked.  Her designs are varied and well done.  I am fascinated by her second shop which she has with her mother.  Turn the Peace Around is not just a shop but an idea.  The peace symbol originally an anti war sign is turned around to be a pro peace sign.  By changing the orientation of the symbol it's arms are raised in hope and joy and brings positive energy.  This was inspired by the WEB site Turn The Peace Around.org which thinks it is time for a new awareness of peace.

Tribal Dragon Plaque
Kanji Beauty Magnet                              Dream Believe Receive Box

Simple Black and Silver Peace Necklace

Turn Peace Around Natural Cotton Tote  Wooden Peace Key Chain

Our third shop is Sagegold Soaps a shop filled with  the most beautiful soaps.  The owner is Kerry who has many years crafting these luxurious soaps.  Kerry got her start in 1999 when she received a popular soap making kit as a gift. She says "Using the kit was fun, even though the resulting 'soap' left a lot to be desired... And I became hooked on the idea of making a great handmade soap". She did research and made many trial batches of soap until she made soap that not only made her skin feel happy but she felt was good enough to give to family and friends.  Of course that lead to having everyone try what she made and at the insistence of family and friends Sagegold Soaps was born.  Each batch of soap is handcrafted from scratch with only the finest of ingredients resulting in a soap that leaves your skin clean and comfortable and not over stripped and dried out.  Kerry says once you try this luxury soap you will never go back to commercial products.

Mimosa Hand Made

Patchouli Haze Handmade                                                                              Cherry Blossoms Handmade

Sandalwood Handmade 

The fourth and fifth shops are owned by Maggie. Maggie designs and makes, you guessed it, bags with vintage fabrics for Material Girl Bags and she also has sold vintage clothing since 1999 opening Denise Brain on Etsy in 2008.  Formerly she was  a professional French horn player and was Principal Horn of the Spokane Symphony for whom she now substitutes and is an extra.  She currently has her bags for sale online and at the Ruby Slipper in Spokane.  Her vintage fabrics date from 1900s to 1970s and she finds them in many obscure places.  Going green looks great in both of Maggie's Etsy shops as you can see below.

Japanese Garden Knitter Bag

You've Urned it Tote Bag                                                         
                                                      Black and White Vintage
                                                      Linen Hope Bag

Vintage 20's Black Beaded Silk Dress

Belle of the Ball 80's Vintage                                                                  70's Vintage Brown Suede Leather

Our sixth shop is one I can identify with as glass is a medium I dabble in.  Carol the owner of Harrach Glass has a couple of interesting theories as to why she loves working with glass in different forms.  Her first theory came about when she was 15 and she did her first glass work in a class taught by a witch (Carol is not Wicca). She thinks maybe the teacher put a spell on her.  Even if she didn't she has been working in glass every since.  Her other theory and this is after my own heart (I love family history) is that her last name Harrach is the same as a very distinguished Czech glass making factory that opened in 1712 and is still in operation today.  And, because of this it is only natural for her to love working in glass.  Carol owns a stained glass business/art glass studio and is a full time glass artist.   

Swan Origami Style Pendant

Dichroic Fuse Glass Pendant

Glass Sculpture Window Hanging of Hanuman

Fish Origami Look

So there you have a very diverse group of entrepreneurs.

I would like to remind my readers that I am currently clearing inventory in my shop Beaded Splendor by having a 50% OFF SALE.  If you are looking for a gift or just some bling for yourself please stop by.


  1. Thanks a bunch for featuring both of my shops! Yet another lovely write-up of our creative teammates. Keep up the great work!

  2. Not only is our team extremely talented-but we are really interesting too! Thanks Gail for doing these features--I love learning more about who we all are!

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting my Etsy shops!

    I don't know what I want to be when I grow up yet either...well put!